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[Chen 93]
Peter M. Chen, David A. Patterson
A New Approach to I/O Performance Evaluation--Self-Scaling I/O Benchmarks, predicted I/O Performance
Proceedings of the 1993 ACM SIGMETRICS Conference on Measurement and Modeling of Computer Systems, May 1993, pp. 1-12.

Acess Patterns

[Purakayastha 94]
Apratim Purakayastha, Carla Ellis, David Kotz, Nils Nieuwejaar, and Michael Best
Characterizing Parallel File-Access Patterns on a Large-Scale Multiprocessor
Technical Report CS-1994-33, Oct. 1994. Presented at IPPS95.
[Nieuwejaar 95]
Nils Nieuwejaar, David Kotz
Low-level Interfaces for High-level Parallel I/O
Dartmouth PCS-TR95-253


[Baker 91]
Mary G. Baker, John H. Hartman, Michael D. Kupfer, Ken W. Shirriff, John K. Ousterhout
Measurements of a Distributed File System
SOSP '91
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[Blaze 92]
Blaze, Matt
NFS Tracing by Passive Network Monitoring
[Hartman 92]
John Hartman
A talk on file append vs. overwrite ratios (Sides)
The results are derived from the same traces as the SOSP paper.
This talk was given to the LADDIS group on 1/21/92.
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[Hartman 93]
John H. Hartman
Using the Sprite File System Traces
[Roselli 96]
Tom Anderson, Mike Dahlin, Jeanna Neefe, Drew Roselli, Randy Wang
File System Tracing (Slides)
Auxpex File System Traces
Sprite Traces


[Thekkath 92]
Chandramohan A. Thekkath, John Wilkes and Edward D. Lazowska
Techniques for File System Simulation
SPE 24(11), 981-999 (November 1994)
[Ruemmler 94]
Chris Ruemmler and John Wilkes
An introduction to disk drive modeling
IEEE Computer 27(3):17-29, March 1994.


[Seltzer 93]
Seltzer, M.
File System Performance and Transaction Support.
Computer Science Department, Computer Science Division, UCB/ERL M92.
[Smith 94]
Keith Smith, Margo Seltzer
File Layout and File System Performance
Harvard Computer Science Technical Report TR-35-94
[Seltzer 95]
Margo Seltzer, Keith A. Smith, Hari Balakrishnan, Jacqueline Chang, Sara McMains, Venkata Padmanabhan
File System Logging Versus Clustering: A Performance Comparison
Proceedings of the 1995 USENIX Technical Conference
[Howard 88]
John H. Howard, Michael L. Kazar, Sherri G. Menees, DAvid A. Nichols, M. Satyanarayanan, Robert N. Sidebotham, Michel J. West
Scale and Performance in a Distributed File System
ACM Transaction on Computer Ssstems. February 1988
[Ganger 94]
Gregory R. Ganger and Yale N. Patt
Metadata Update Performance in File Systems
USENIX Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation, pp. 49-60 (1994)
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Distributed Caching

[Dahlin 94]
Michael Dahlin, Randolph Wang, Thomas Anderson, and David Patterson
Cooperative Caching: Using Remote Client Memory to Improve File System Performance
OSDI 1994
[Cortes 95]
Toni Cortes, Sergi Girona, Jesus Labarta
PACA: A Distributed File System Cache for Parallel Machines. Performance under Unix-like workload
Report number: UPC-CEPBA-1995-13
Keywords: PACA, Parallel File System, File Cache, File Prefetching, N-Chance Forwarding LRU-Interleaved, Cooperative Caching
Abstract:> Parallel computers have a great computing power while I/O performance is far behind and it is, very often, the machine bottleneck. In this paper we tackle this problem presenting PACA, a cache directed file system aimed at parallel machines which run both Unix-like and parallel applications. PACA is a specific cooperative caching mechanism that defines a parallel global cache from all nodes local caches. Simplicity, scalability and performance are the main objectives in the design. We also present performance figures under Unix-like workload and compare them with other parallel/distributed caches already implemented.
[Muntz 94]
Daniel Alan Muntz,
Multilevel Caching in Distributed File Systems
Doctoral Thesis, The University of Michigan (1994).
[Nelson 88]
Michael N. Nelson, Brent B. Welch, John K. Ousterhout
Caching in the Sprite Network File System
ACM Transactions on Computer Systems vol.6, no. 1 (Feb. 1988) pp. 134-154.

Distributed Shared Memory

[Grunwald 94]
Dirk Grunwald, and Suvas Vajracharya
Efficient Barriers for Distributed Shared Memory Computers
8th Intl Symp on Parallel Processing , , Apri 1994.
[Nitzberg 91]
Bill Nitzberg, Virginia Lo.
Distributed Shared Memory: A Survey of Issues and Algorithms
IEEE Computer August 1991
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Distributed File Systems

[Welch 94]
Brent Welch
A Comparison of Three Distributed File System Architectures: Vnode, Sprite, and Plan 9
Computing Systems, Vol. 7(2), pp. 175-199 (1994)


[McLean 91]
Pete McLean
An Introduction to RAID: Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks
Digital Equipment Corporation
[Chen 95]
Peter M. Chen, Edward K. Lee
Striping in a RAID Level 5 Disk Array
Proceedings of the 1995 ACM SIGMETRICS Conference on Measurement and Modeling of Computer Systems
[Courtright 94]
William V. Courtright II, Garth A. Gibson
Backward Error Recovery in Redundant Disk Arrays

Parallel I/O

[Corbett 95]
P. Corbett, D. Feitelson, S. Fineberg, Y. Hsu, B. Nitzberg, J. Prost, M. Snir, B. Traversat, and P. Wong,
Overview of the MPI-IO Parallel I/O Interface
Third Workshop on I/O in Parallel and Distributed Systems, IPPS '95, Santa Barbara, CA, pp. 1-15, April 25, 1995.
[MPI-IO 95]
P. Corbett, Y. Hsu, J. Prost, M. Snir, S. Fineberg, B. Nitzberg, B. Traversat, P. Wong and D. Feitelson
MPI-IO: A Parallel File I/O Interface for MPI Version 0.4
[Feitelson 95]
Drog G. Feitelson, Peter F. Corbett, Sandra Johnson Baylor , Yarsun Hsu
Parallel I/O Subsystems in Massively Parallel Supercomputers
IEEE Parallel & Distributed Technology 3(3), pp. 33-47, Fall 1995.
URL not known

File Systems Ideas

[de Jonge 93]
Wiebren de Jonge, M. Frans Kaashoek, and Wilson C. Hsieh.
The Logical Disk: A New Approach to Improving File Systems
Appears in Proceedings of the Thirteenth Symposium on Operating Systems Principles, 1993.
[Grimm 96]
Robert Grimm, Wilson C. Hsieh, Wiebren de Jonge, and M. Frans Kaashoek.
Atomic Recovery Units: Failure Atomicity for Logical Disks.
Computing Systems, Hong Kong, May 1996.
[Anderson 96]
Ross J. Anderson
The Eternity Service
[Bosch 96]
Peter Bosch, Sape J. Mullender
Cut-and-Paste file-systems: integrating simulators and file-systems
January 1996, Winter '96 USENIX Conference proceedings, San Diego CA

Cleaning and Allocation Polices

[Blackwell 95]
Trevor Blackwell, Jeffrey Harris, Margo I. Seltzer
Heuristic Cleaning Algorithms in Log-Structured File Systems
USENIX Winter 1995: 277-288
[Smith 96]
Smith, K., Seltzer, M.
A Comparison of FFS Disk Allocation Polices
Proceedings of the 1996 Usenix Technical Conference, San Diego, CA January 1996.
[ Ruffin 94]
Michel Ruffin
Issues in Logging Techniques through a Study of Four Systems
Univ. of Glasgow (UK), FIDE2 report 94/89.

Log-structured File Systems

[Ousterhout 89]
John Ousterhout and Fred Douglis,
Beating the I/O Bottleneck: A Case for Log-Structured File Systems,
in Operating Systems Review Vol. 23(1), pp. 11-28 (January, 1989).
[Ousterhout 90]
John K. Ousterhout
Why Aren't Operating Systems Getting Faster as Fast as Hardware?
USENIX Summer 1990
[Rosenblum 90]
Mendel Rosenblum and John K.Ousterhout
The LFS Storage Manager
USENIX Summer'90 Conference Proceeding, p315-324 Jun 1990
[Anderson 95]
T. Anderson, M. Dahlin, J. Neefe, D. Patterson, D. Roselli, R. Wang
Serverless Network File Systems
15th Symposium on Operating Systems Principles, ACM Transactions on Computer Systems 1995
[Kohl 93]
John T.Kohl, Carl Staelin, Micheal Stonebraker
HighLight: Using a Log-structured File System for Tertiary Storage Management
USENIX Winter'93 Conference Proceeding, p435-447
[Seltzer 93]
Seltzer M., Bostic K., McKusick M., Staelin C.
A Log-Structured File System for UNIX
Proceedings of the 1993 Winter Usenix Conference.
[Rosenblum 92]
Mendel Rosenblum
The Design and Implementation of a Log-structured File System
Pd Thesis
[Rosenblum 91]
Mendel Rosenblum and John K. Ousterhout
The Design and Implementation of a Log-Structured File System
Proceedings of the 13th ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles, October 1991
Describes a Log-Structured File System that makes all writes to disk sequential. Discusses efficient ways to clean the disk to prevent excessive fragmentation.
[Chilimbi 92]
Chilimbi, Myllymaki, Weiss, C.
Experiences with Implementing a Log-Structured File System
[Seltzer 95]
Margo L. Seltzer
Clustering, Logging and Journaling: Aproaches to High Performance File System Desing
[Hulse 96]
David Hulse, Alan Dearle
A Log-Structured Persistent Store
Conferences 96
[Shirriff XX]
Ken Shirriff
The Sawmill logging file system
[Chutani 92]
Sailesh Chutani, Owen T. Anderson, Michael L. Kazar, Bruce W. Leverett, W. Anthony Mason, and Robert N. Sidebotham
The Episode File System
Proc. 1992 Winter USENIX Conf., pp. 43-60 (1992)
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[Satyanarayanan 92]
Satyanarayanan, M., Kistler, J.J., Kumar, P., Mashburn, H.
On the Ubiquity of Logging in Distributed File Systems
Third IEEE Workshop on Workstation Operating Systems Apr. 1992, Key Biscayne, FL
[Bosch 93]
Peter Bosch, Sape Mullender and Tage Stabell-Kulø
Huygens File Service: Storage Architecture
November 1993, Pegasus paper 93-3
[Neefe 97]
Jeanna Neefe Matthews, Drew Roselli, Adam M. Costello, Randolph Y. Wang and Thomas E. Anderson
Improving the Performance of Log-Structured File Systems with Adaptive Methods
Sixteenth ACM Symposium on Operating System Principles, Oct. 1997, Saint Malo, France

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